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Bedroom Designs. From the strikingly modern to the traditionally elegant, Berkshire Kitchen Bedroom Company fitted furniture is the perfect choice for your bedroom. Choose from framed, mirrored or glazed wardrobe doors, classic dressing tables and a wide range of finishes to complement your décor.  Bespoke storage solutions ensure clutter is kept to a minimum with a place for everything. We understand that your bedroom is a personal and intimate space. That is why we design your bedroom furniture to your exact specifications.

All of our bedroom furniture can be fitted wall to wall and floor to ceiling, creating the perfect unique bedroom design to suit you. If it is a home office or display cabinet that you are looking for, we can work with you to create the perfect design. All of our furniture is designed and fitted to the highest standard and custom built to your requirements.

Fitted Bedrooms are all about maximising space. If you want to enjoy a bedroom that feels bigger, with more space to relax in, look no further and call us to discuss your requirements.  Choose from a huge range of door designs, and colours, along with handles and finishes that really capture your individual taste. Our tailor-made fitted bedrooms are affordable, because we can work in a range of materials, matched to your budget.